What will I need to do to build a new home or any other project?
You can contact us and we will make all relevant arrangements including architectural plans, Engineering Documents, Soil Test, Energy Report, Building Permits, Insurance needs and ensure all necessary contracts are in place to make it as stress free as possible.
Can I use my own plans or share any ideas we may have?
You may use your own plans and we welcome any suggestion that you may have to make the project your own, always providing you with a professional approach.
Can we be involved with the project?
You can be as much or as little as you would like, after all, it’s your project.
What if there is a problem?
We strive to handle all problems as quickly and professionally as possible resulting in a happy progressive solution.
Does Torquay Building Service have insurance?
Torquay Building Service is a fully insured and registered company we offer a seven year structural warranty on all our new homes.
Does Torquay Building Service follow Occupational Health and Safety requirements including work cover?
Torquay Building Service follows all OH&S procedures ensuring a safe work environment while implementing all work cover requirements, we have a Company OH&S manual you are able to sight.
Is there an agreed upon price that cannot be changed once contracts are signed?
Once a price is written in a contract we cannot change It, unless you the client make changes to your project that will incur extra cost, or credit to you. An amendment to the contract will be of written agreement and must be signed by both parties before any changes can occur.
How long after contract are signed does the project start?
As soon as relevant permits are in place and warranty insurance has been obtained, generally within 28 working days.
Are we updated with progress of our project?
Any questions you have will be answered within 24 hours and weekly progress reports are phoned in to keep you informed of how things are going and what stage we are up to.
Does Torquay Building Service get involved in any sort of work?
Torquay Building Service builds new homes, renovations/extensions, commercial projects, boardwalks, fishing platforms, access ramps or anything to do with construction; we have competent staff that are able to think outside the square, to give your project the best possible outcome.

Any other questions you have please don’t hesitate to contact us.